"Success starts with knowledge" Soufie Jnidee

Soufie Jnidee is an eminent risk management expert in real estate. She is the Founder and CEO of Golden Oak Properties and holds a rich experience of 11 years in the real estate marketplace. She has 5 years of expertise in risk management and portfolio investment. Her accolades speak of her knowledge and proficiency in the domain. She has been awarded by the Dubai land department and featured by big developers in the real estate sector like Damac, Emaar, and Dubai Holding. Soufie understands that investing in real estate is accompanied by a lot of risks. She leverages her expertise and offers valuable guidance to the property managers to uncover the potential risks. Her authentic advice ensures optimum mitigation and management of the risks in the real estate sector. As the Founder of Golden Oak Properties, Soufie strives to deliver value to the clients.

Soufie Jnidee has proved her prowess in risk management in real estate in Dubai. She aspires to help real estate investors to identify risks and formulate strategies to effectively mitigate them.

Topics I Can Help You With​

Soufie motivates real estate investors to approach the industry in a very practical way.
Our expert realtor focuses on providing clarity of vision to the clients.
Our realtor Soufie assists clients in developing strategies to mitigate risks in real estate.
Soufie takes the lead and helps clients to ensure making profitable real estate investments.
Our expert realtor helps in improving the real estate investment strategies of clients.
Our realtor allows the investors to be aware of the risk in real estate investment.
Soufie enables her client to confidently invest in real estate.
Life Skills
Soufie leverages her skills and expertise to assist clients in the real estate sector.